Where Node.js is not advised to be used?

Where Node.js is Not Advised to be Used?

Node.js is a powerful and popular platform that is used to develop server-side applications. It is based on the Chrome V8 engine, which allows it to execute JavaScript code quickly. Node.js is widely used across the web development world, but there are certain areas in which it is not advised to be used. In this article, we will take a look at some of the places where Node.js is not recommended.

Limited Libraries

Node.js is a relatively new platform, and as such, there are not as many libraries available for it as compared to other platforms such as Ruby, Python, or Java. This means that developers who are using Node.js may have to spend more time writing their own code or finding third-party solutions to their problems.

Not as Easy to Debug

Debugging is an important part of software development, and Node.js is not as easy to debug as other platforms. Node.js does have some built-in debugging tools, but they are not as comprehensive as some of the other options available. Furthermore, Node.js is an asynchronous platform, which means that it can be difficult to identify the source of errors.

Performance Issues

Node.js is known for its performance, but it still has some issues that can slow down applications. This is especially true when dealing with large applications. Node.js also has problems with memory leaks, which can cause applications to crash if not properly managed.

Not Ideal for Mobile Development

Node.js is not the best choice for mobile development. While it is possible to develop mobile apps with Node.js, it is not as efficient or as robust as using other platforms.


Node.js is a powerful platform for developing server-side applications, but it is not without its drawbacks. While Node.js is a great choice for many applications, it is not the best choice for all applications. Developers should carefully consider the pros and cons of Node.js before selecting it as their platform.

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